ADHD: Children and Adults

Reiki and ADHD

For parents of ADHD children to help them relax, it can also try to help their children find 1 hour or half-hour of peace for their bodies and mind. Reiki quiets the mind and the body so that they can be happier.

We will offer a free 1 time 1/2 hour session for child and 1/2 hour for each family member of the Primary care and support Family. (example Mother, Father, Guardians, and brother and sister)

Reiki is a way to help heal the body, mind and spirit. By Relaxing the body the body has a chance to regain energy it lost.

In order to understand what Reiki can do for the child, everyone can have a 1/2 hour free session so that they can relax and recharge their minds and bodies and they can reap the benefits of Reiki.