About Beth

Mission Statement

We care about you! We want to provide you with the best loving care in our hands.
We believe that by using both Eastern and Western Reiki, it will create a unique ability to help each person receiving it. We know this avenue is used to re-waken the natural healing process in our bodies. Our goal is to help each person reach their personal goal for healing and enlightenment.

My Path To Reiki

I started on the road to Reiki in 2006 after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I wasn’t completely whole after Breast Cancer treatment and I wanted to feel whole and peaceful again.

I had never heard of Reiki before and my massage therapist was a Reiki Master. I called her up one day and asked her to do Reiki on me. She asked me why I wanted it. I said I needed to be whole again.

She started to do Reiki and I felt physically moved and then the tears started falling down and I felt a weight lifted off of me. I am now a Level 3 Reiki (Master) and also Eastern Reiki Jikiden Shoden Level 1 and Okuden Level 2.


International Center for Reiki Training
Animal Reiki & Holistic Therapies for Pets Worldwide
Lehigh Valley Beekeeper Association
Lehigh Valley Business and Professional Women

Business Hours

Wednesday and Friday: 6PM-9PM
Saturday and Sunday: noon-5PM

Please contact Beth or call 610-349-9621 for appointments